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About Me

Founded by Jeremy Harbour, the Harbour Club has transformed into one of the largest M&A community with an active membership of 2000+.

Jeremy is a Singapore-based entrepreneur with a truly global focus, owning investments in 12 countries and having bought and sold over 100 firms, and advised on around 200 more.

For US-based events, contact Monty at [email protected] 

For everywhere else, contact Jon at [email protected]

Why You Should Join Me

#GODODEALS is a movement around the evolution of the entrepreneurial experience and lifestyle by growing a business through acquisition. 

If you look at every successful entrepreneur, they grew by acquisition or created wealth through an exit of some sort whether a sale (like Elon Musk or Richard Branson) or an IPO like (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg).

An acquisition is the only way a business can double ‘in an afternoon’ and sometimes the only way it can grow to an enormous size. 

Have you noticed there seems to be a glass ceiling to the size of a business in many industries where there are literally thousands of similar sized competitors and very few larger players? 

If you want to become one of the few and dominant large players, without spending extra time, money or effort (and in fact we teach the opposite) you need a solid plan to mop up a number of the smaller companies and give you the scale and leverage quickly.

With that, you can punch above your weight and break the scale paradox that SME's and entrepreneurs face.

You'll have more leverage with suppliers, you can win larger contracts, and you can create even more revenue and profit, the constraints that kept you small are quickly shrugged off.

A common misconception is that you need vast amounts of capital to grow by acquisition. That is simply not true. In The Harbour Club, I have personally done over 50 deals and our members have done hundreds with no capital as it is more about meeting the persons needs, and more about the structure than the price.

You also don’t need debt, many people use working capital finance to do deals and this can get really toxic, fast, you are basically selling your future income and giving that money to a key employee… to leave!

By learning to #GODODEALS you will find yourself in an exclusive inner-circle of entrepreneurs, executives and investors that have an upper-hand in some of the most unique M&A deals in the world.

You'll gain more time, money and freedom by buying and selling businesses and growing shareholder value rather than working in them and being paid an income.

Hear From Past Delegates

"I was blown away really enjoy it. Worth 10 times the investment for sure"

- CARL ALLEN, Corporate M&A specialist with the 12 year experience

"I came with high expectations and all were thoroughly exceeded"

- NAME WITHELD, Senior M&A persion from a division of microsoft